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April 18 is Unesco World Heritage Day – also known as the International Day for Monuments and Sites.

Designed to promote awareness of the diversity of cultural heritage, the vulnerability of sites and monuments and the efforts required for their protection and conservation, the celebration turns the focus on the more than 1,199 Unesco World Heritage sites around the world.

These sites span some of the most dazzling cultural and natural gems on earth, from sprawling national parks to historic monuments and ancient cities, they represent some of the world’s most visited or coveted attractions.

In many locations, hotels cluster near these famed landmarks, but only a few can claim prime position.

The National looks at some of the best hotels in the world where travellers have unrivalled access to sites lauded by the Unesco World Heritage organisation.

Find out more of the 15 best hotels around the world with epic Unesco World Heritage site views here: The National News

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